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Life and Relationship Coaching for individuals and couples

"The greatest need in the modern age is for good decision-making."

The Dalai Lama

Cedar Tree Coaching

Cedar Tree Coaching

Cedar of Lebanon – Life and Relationship Coaching for individuals and couples

This coaching is for adults of any age who are looking to make significant change in their personal or professional lives for which they seek experienced and supportive guidance. We explore together the factors – whether conscious or unconscious – that have brought you to this point in your life and formulate goals which address what is really important to you. In the coaching alliance we draw on my professional training in depth psychology, Life Coaching diploma and many years’ experience in eastern and western bio-energy practise. Through this multi-disciplinary approach we look for the most practical and desirable way for you to achieve your goals.

For younger adults the coaching can involve mentoring, often with an emphasis on constructing a foundation for your life ahead; for older adults there may be more focus on letting go of old patterns, reconnecting fully to yourself and exploring what brings joy and fulfilment. This is in recognition of the fact that, as we go through life, we tend to have different existential needs, desires and priorities at different times.

Blue cedar – Identity Coaching in a trans-cultural context

This program is aimed at those in trans-cultural relationships, UK-based members of the diaspora including students of African or Asian heritage and 2nd generation British citizens. In a coaching alliance we examine impacts on your identity arising from trans-cultural influences, which for some clients will include colonialism, its legacy and its modern-day institutional variants. We look at inter-generational and trans-generational influences on you arising from your family tree. We also assess how your identity may be constituted psycho-historically and socially and discover how, through a modern integrative depth psychological approach, you can arrive at a transformed and empowered understanding of your identity so as to express more fully your potential in the world. This coaching program is informed by my own trans-cultural family experiences and fresh insights that have emerged through my MA thesis on ‘Impacts of Colonialism from a Psychosynthesis Perspective’.

Please see Resources section for thesis and Identity study.

Red cedar – Values-based career coaching

This is career coaching which helps you build clarity around your personal values, and your ability to express them through the choices and decisions you make every day at work. We also look at what we might call ‘shadow values’, namely those less elevated aspects of ourselves which motivate us, whether consciously or unconsciously, but which may be rooted in dualistic notions of separateness from each other and our Natural environment. This coaching programme allows us to see the extent to which – while wearing the corporate mask – we may be participating in the perpetuation of such patterns. This coaching programme identifies oppression, in all its forms, as the single most enduring obstacle to the expression of higher human values, and offers practical approaches for the individual and organisation to address it. One important area that this programme addresses, from a practical and psychological methodology, is the negative impacts on organisations caused by the performance of White Privilege.

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